Oh my days...my wine days that is...

March 22, 2018

Oh my days...my wine days that is...

This week we had an International Day of Happiness.
Were you happy?

Yesterday was National Common Courtesy Day.
Thank you very much. Very kind of you.

It was also World Poetry Day, French Bread Day (??), Single Parents Day, International Fragrance Day and International Day of Forests. Plus, perhaps more touchingly and frankly worthwhile, International Downs Syndrome Day.

Pi in the face...

We just missed World Pi Day. That was last week. I got quite excited by that, until I realised it was actually for maths, and not meat pies. I had a fabulous blog copy all ready to go about matching pies with wine, but had to spike it. All because of 3.14 recurring.

Now before you get all judgy, if you look at the picture at the bottom of this article you’ll see a picture of Larry Shaw – organiser of the first official celebration of World Pi day. Once you’ve taken in the hideous shirt Larry is wearing (a shirt that even in 1988 when the photo was taken was 20 years out of date), have a look at what he is standing next to! That’s right. A table full of fecking pies. Confusing, or what!

Annoyingly British Pie Week was actually the week before Pi day – my timing is horribly wrong.

Where is all this going?

Good question. Well, none of us need an excuse to have a glass of wine. But it’s always handy to have one ready just in case the other half gets shirty. So I thought I’d put together a list of all the wine related days and events that might be useful back up for the frequently asked question from many a spouse: “Do you think another glass is a good idea…”

And your answer is: "Well of course it is, because it’s…

International Malbec Day – 17th April

This one’s coming up fast, so get prepared. You need to stock up on Malbec, buy yourself a massive leg of lamb or a haunch of venison and get busy with the rosemary and garlic and slow roasting. It’s the best way to make Malbec zing in the glass – and tastes bloody good the next day too. So, big roast, bottles of Malbec, and no-one can question it.

International Sauvignon Blanc Day – 4th May

It’s Sauvignon Blanc. It’s white, its delicious. What’s not to celebrate. Stock up on versions from its traditional home, Sancerre, and it’s newly adopted country of excellence, New Zealand. Conduct your very own taste-off between the two in front of a box set of Game of Thrones.

World Moscato Day – 9th May

Honestly, if there is one day to reunite yourself with the delights of a lightly sparkling Italain Moscato with its sweet edge and zingy finish, then the 9th of May is the one to go for!

London Wine Week – 14th-20th May

This is the big cahuna. Forget about a single day. This is a whole week of wine offers and drinking in over 125 different venues. I’ve been every year since it started and it’s awesome. You buy a digital pass for your i-phone, look through all the wine flights offers (three wine tastes for a £5) in your favourite top class wine bars, pop ups and restaurants across the capital and bar hop to your hearts delight. Possibly one of the best value, most fun, most frolicky wine experiences in the globe. Do Not Miss. Have a gander here for more details: www.drinkup.london

International Chardonnay Day – 24th May

Whether it’s fine white Burgundy or something unoaked and simple from the land Down Under, there’s a reason why Chardonnay is one of the world’s most versatile and popular varieties. And this is the perfect day to celebrate it.

National Rose Day - 9th Jun

This thought up day is for those of us who prefer a little pink to brighten up our perfect summers days. Technically it’s a US National Day, but as my mum always said, if an idea’s good enough…nick it.

Lambrusco Day – 21st of June

Maybe have a break for just one day…

International Albarino Day 2nd-7th August

You gotta love the Spanish. Only they can take what is meant to be just a 24hr thing and turn it into five days of partying. Respect. Albarino is great. Five days of it is even better.

International Cabernet Day – 30th of August

Winter’s coming. Better get the Cabernet out early. Rose is passé by the 30th

International Grenache Day – September 21st

Grenache. Red, white, rose. Your choice, just make sure its Grenache.

Champagne Day - October 19th

As the Queen Mother once famously commented on a Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne that had been delivered at the palace, despite no other family members being there, “Oh well, I can polish it off myself”. It’s that kind of "Can Do" attitude that is often lacking in the young drinkers of today. Start with a magnum and work your way up to Queenie's heroic standards on this very special day…

International Merlot Day 7th                                          

If you’ve watched Sideways, Merlot gets a bad rap. It deserves its own day. It truly does…

International Tempranillo Day 9th

Can’t let the Spanish miss out on their favorite red variety. Grab a bottle of Rioja, and start the day early. Like around 9.30am…

Beaujolais Nouveau Day 15th

It’s silly. And the wine is crap. So open a bottle of proper Beaujolais from a year or two before and celebrate the day with a decent version of this historic and often fabulous red.

Cabernet Franc Day – 4th December

Bless – even the ugly runt of the litter deserves a day.

Sangria Day 20th December

Don’t be bloody ridiculous. It’s not wine… it’s a f*&ing cocktail and an abhorration..

Global Drink Wine Day – 18th of December

Do it for the world, not yourself…that’s right, open another bottle…

Mulled Wine Day – March 3rd

I refer you to my Sangria day comments. Mulled wine is the work of Satan and shouldn’t be celebrated in any way whatsoever.

So there you have it. Numerous excuses to drink your way through 2018. The only one missing is World Hangover Day. Believe it or not, it doesn’t exist in name. But there is an actual day where people across the nation officially have the worst hangovers. It’s apparently 14th of December. I’ll get the Alka Seltzer in…


                               Larry Shaw - the origina Prince of Pi

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