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This was a simple case for us to put together - we just took all the wines that sell the best and are the most popular with our customers, and stuck the top 12 all into the one case. Couldn't be easier really. I mean it's not exactly rocket science. But it is 12 stunning wines all grouped together for your delectation. It includes wines like the stunning Kados Grillo at £15.50 and marvellous, award winning Petali Toscana at £13.95, as well as great offerings from Spain, France and Argentina. All in all one of the best selections of wine you'll find. Plus, because we're just so ruddy lovely we've taken 10% off, making the average cost of these delectable wines less than £10 a bottle. So what are you waiting for. Grab them before they all go...

This case includes:

Ke Bonta Cortese 2019, Piedmont, Italy
One of our favourites in the office. It's like liquid pear juice with a dash of lemon for zinginess and a touch of melon for extra fruitness. All in all a lovely drop of grape juice that goes brilliantly with that stalwart of post-commute dinners, a lovely crisp caesar salad.

Kados Grillo 2018, Sicily
If you like Montrachet, you will L.O.V.E. this baby. Pure melon, citrus, and grapefruit, with a lovely rich creamy oak edge to it, this is actually from Sicily - from vineyards just near Mount Etna. The intensity and complexity it shows are thanks to the incredibly rich, ash-laden soils the property's vines sit in. And the best bit, great Montrachet will cost you double the price. So this is a win on both fronts.

Riondo Spago Frizzante NV, Veneto, Italy
So when you think Prosecco, you think sweet, sparkling, but fundamentally one dimensional. Think again. Firstly, this is a frizzante. Which means it is semi-sparkling. So very soft, gentle bubbles. Second, it's an explosion of apple, pear and fresh whipped cream flavours that keep on giving. In other words, it's absolutely delicious. Our best selling Prosecco by far!!

Reveleste Albarino 2019, Galicia, Spain
Albarino is one of our FAVOURITE styles of Spanish whites at The Brighton Wine Company. We simply love the fresh, crunchy apple flavours you get from the Albarino grape variety and its intense zingyness. This is our newest addition to the range and is incredible value given its quality. Pretty much the prefect white - pair with a plate of calamari or fresh sardines and you are instantly transported to Spain.

Gassac Reserve Rosé 2018, Languedoc, France
Ok, so this is one of the best roses we've had hit our books this year so far. Looks like a top-class Provence rose, tastes like a top-class Provence rose - costs a good fiver less than a top-class Provence rose. Because it's not from Provence, it's from the Languedoc. More importantly and pertinently it's from one of the Languedoc's top producers, Mas de Daumas Gassac, who's winemaker is nothing short of a genius. It is packed with deliciously creamy raspberry and strawberry fruit flavours, with an edge of wonderful clotted cream to it. Literally like a crisp, dry version of Eton Mess in a wickedly liquid form. Great with shellfish, seafood of any kind, or simply on its own whilst soaking up the summer sun...

Grange de Rocs Picpoul 2019, Southern France
This wine has a light delicate fragrance with floral and fruit aromas as well as a hint of minerality. It is a dry wine which has light and subtle flavours and is best served with seafood and fish or is perfect as an aperitif.

La Gran Bestia Malbec 2018, Mendoza, Argentina
Ok. So this is our conundrum. It's called La Gran Bestia. But its not remotely beast like. It's big yes! But oh so smooth, silky and delicious that Beast seems almost a bit cruel. Still a name is just a name. Whatever it's called, you will undoubtedly enjoy its luscious, black cherry, mulberry and damson fruit confection, its seam of dark cherry chocolate and its slightly spicy, but again, ridiculously smooth finish. This wine was literally designed to go with anything beautifully char grilled on the barbecue. Or for that matter anything burnt. It will simply bulldoze through the blackened soot and make even a cremated sausage palatable.

Petali Toscana 2018, Tuscany, Italy
This family-owned producer the Cantalici brothers Carlo and Daniele started their winery venture in the 1990s - with a history in forestry and landscape architecture. Now have their feet firmly set making elegant classic Chianti like this. Its clear red in colour with a rich aroma of cherry, spice, and vanilla with soft tannins

Lunardi Merlot 2018, Cantine Rondo, Veneto, Italy
The great thing about Merlot is that wherever it comes from and in all its guises the softness and lusciousness of its fruit is what really makes it stand out. And this Merlot from Lunardi in the Veneto region of Italy is no exception. Delicious compote of black cherry and dark plum with a drop of cranberry thrown in for good measure it is super smooth and silky. Absolute delight especially when paired with any kind of stew, but also a simply spicy pasta arrabiata. Just delicious.

Trastullo Primitivo 2018, Puglia, Italy
This is without doubt one of the best sellers on our site. Absolutely rock solid example of how lush, juicy, ripe and majestic this grape variety can be. It's literally packed with black cherry and ripe plum fruit flavours, is silky smooth, with an elegant touch of white pepper on its long, creamy finish. Just wonderful. Especially if you happen to have a barbecued steak going spare to match with it

Camille Malbec 2018, Chateau du Cedre, Cahors, France
Cahors is a region that you don't see lauded that much these days, but at The Brighton Wine Company we rather think its the bees knees for great big, earthy, chunky reds with an edge of sophistication to them. And this Malbec shows that whilst Argentina has made itself inescapably popular through this lavish grape variety, it woz the French wot got their first - and perfected it in Cahors. Chateau du Cedre is a family run business, like most of our winemaker partners, and the third generation is now in charge and turning out spectacular wines. Not least of which is their Camille. A wonderfully dark brooding compote of plum and cassis fruits, it has an intense juiciness, a herbal edge and a lovely earthy finish. Fabulous wine. Fabulous value. Top tier. Excellent with sun-dried tomato and roasted red pepper ravioli. 100% organic to boot!

Frentano Montepulciano, Abruzzo, Italy
Fruity, harmonious, easy-drinking red wine! This is a fresh-faced bottle of sincere and uncomplicated red wine. The generous soils of Southern Abruzzo and this noble, classic Montepulciano grape produce a red wine with an intense ruby-red colour, purple reflections and a fragrant nose of violets and black cherries at a price that your bank balance will love! To taste, you can pick up prunes, plums, dark cherries and a dry peppery-spicy finish to act as a balance. Montepulciano is matched well with roasts, steaks, lamb, salumi, and cheeses.


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