Ameztoi Txakoli de Getaria

Txakoli is one of those wines that once discovered will become a staple of your wine rack. It's a crisp, fresh, apple and white plum scented bundle of deliciousness. Light, bright, with a natural light spritz, this has a lovely biting acidity to its finish alongside a tang of saltiness that makes it the ideal partner with virtually any kind of seafood. Our favourite: big plate of fat, juicy mussels in a creamy white wine sauce...


Wine Name:  Txakoli de Getaria
Producer: Bodegas Ameztoi
Country: Spain
Region:  Getaria
Year: 2018
Type:  White
Grape variety: Hondarrabi Zuri
Size:  75cl
Alcohol Content:  10.5%
Available to mix in case

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