How it all started!

My first glass of wine was a red at the age of 5. My uncle Max insisted I drink it. You tend not to say no to an ex-Spitfire pilot with one eye. So I didn’t. I was immediately hooked, but it took another two decades, some experiments with Malibu, and three years of debauchery at college before I came back to my first love. Since then it’s been wine all the way for me, with a little whisky and beer throw in for good measure.

Over the 24 years since I did embrace wine as my future I’ve learnt one simple thing. Whatever your budget, whatever your tastes, it isn’t much fun if you can’t share it, learn from it… hell, just revel in it. The Brighton Wine Company is my effort to help people do that, and, with a little luck share some wild and wonderful times over a glass of wine with like-minded bon-viveurs.

My shop is online. If I had a bricks and mortar shop, I’d have to sit around all day waiting for you to come to me. Which doesn’t seem fair on you. I’d rather it was the other way round. Plus I’d have lots of bottles to dust and clean. Not my style.

So what make me so different?
Well, for starters, I’m not the sort of business that aims to have thousands of customers. There’s only one of me, and whilst it’s a significantly larger version of me than the one my wife married many moons ago, there’s still only so far I can stretch. I have some able assistants, but at The BWC we want everything to be as personal as possible. So once we reach a certain number of loyal customers and clients, that’s it. I’d rather have 300 deliriously happy customers, than several thousand mildly unimpressed ones. My aim is to be able spend time with each of my customers, which is why we’ll happily come to your home and work out what’s best for you and what you most want out of wine. We want to combine the best of the modern, fabulous world of wine, with a bit of good old fashioned personal service.

What you won’t get from me…
You won’t get is stuffiness and snobbery. If you ever see me in a pin stripe suit, it’ll be in court or in my coffin. Likewise with my team. You also won’t get imaginary bargains a la supermarkets, with false discounts on pre-inflated prices.  I don’t believe in them, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

What you will get from me….
Fantastic weekly events, at some awesome venues around Hove, Brighton and the rest of East Sussex. A great selection of wines to play around with, and a team who is more than happy to assist you in doing so. Plus regular offers of small, interesting wines all of which have a story to tell.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our core range by clicking here. Or better still, why not pick up the phone and have a natter with me. My number is 07884 265684. (I know – a website with a number you can find easily rather than a form to fill in. It’s almost revolutionary. Plus, you’ll actually get to speak to a real person most of the time, or my answerphone.)

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing some wine together.



P.S. This is Chase. He’ll often be with me when I make deliveries. He’s a cheeky monkey but he’s The BWC mascot, so he goes where I go. Unless you don’t like dogs. In which case he stays at home with a large bone. He’s happy either way.