Fine Wine

Fine Wine

I’ve spent a large part of the last 25 years selling and buying fine wine and sourcing special and unique wines for. As well as the selection of fine wines on our website, I have access to some of the leading fine wine traders and fine wine markets across the globe. I can help with the following essential fine wine services:

I will broker wines for clients on the fine wine market. I charge a 10% broking fee on the selling price. This service is for wines that are strictly held in-bond. 

Cellar Building and Management
A strong part of my work in recent years has been helping people relatively new to wine to build a collection of wine from scratch. That even extends to how they should actually build their cellar and who they should get to do it for them. 

Portfolio Management
Getting the most out of your wine collection, both in terms of financials and pleasure, is always a challenge – especially if you lead a busy life. I have managed small to large wine portfolios for private individuals and companies in the past and am happy to do so on a one to one basis upon request.

Fine Wine Events
I have significant experience of putting together fine wine events and tastings for private individuals and corporates.

If you’d like to discuss or enquire about any of the above services, please email me at