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Wedding Lists

It’s a simple fact, people are getting married older these days. The average age is 32. If you haven’t got a toaster, a washing machine and decent cutlery by that age, you’re likely to stay on the shelf for quite some time to come!

But most people getting married do have all that. Which makes wine a perfect wedding list option for two reasons. First, it makes that first year of marriage just that little bit less stressful. Second, its bloody good fun to put together.

If you need help compiling or running a wedding wine gift list, just drop us a line at orders@thebrightonwinecompany.com.

Private Events

Whether you simply want us to organise a tasting for you and a dozen friends, or would like a wine-based event for several hundred, we can help.

We can easily re-invent one our regular tastings, or we can tailor something personal especially for you.

To give you an idea of some of our most popular events have a gander below:

Options Night
Can be for between 10 and 30 friends. We run a blind tasting asking questions about the wines that are answered in a simple Yes or No fashion by the group. Those who are right progress through to the final questions, usually leaving one clear winner. No knowledge of wine is needed. Just a willingness to have fun, a good sense of humour and a lot of luck.

Battle of the Sexes
Scientists believe women have better taste receptors than men. Apparently, 35% are supertasters compared with 15% of men. This is the perfect opportunity to prove it as we pit team against team in a tasting contest. Light-hearted, but with a serious purpose.

Basic Instincts
Exactly what it sounds like. A run through the basics of wine tastings. How to taste, the most popular grapes, the world’s key regions. Two hours giving you the basic skills to blag your way through wine.

Let’s Get Fizz-ical
Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, New World Sparkers. It’s all so confusing. Or is it? We demystify the art of fizz and bring it down to the basics so you can make the right choice of bubbles. There’s a bit of quizzing going on, lots of slicing the tops off bottles with swords. It’s as if Cirque du Soleil did fizz tastings – sort of.

Corporate Gifts

When you do business there are always times you need to say thank you. And occasionally times you have to say sorry. So whether it’s rewarding an awesome employee, thanking a great business partner, or placating an unhappy client – we’ve got the perfect gift.

Just call us on 07884 265684 and we’ll help sort you and your clients out, wherever they are in the world.

FREE local delivery within 5 miles of BN1 on orders over £50.00