Christmas Classic - reds

We've put a collection of our top-selling wines from around the European continent - little gems that we have dug out from producers we've worked with for years and whose wines we think are the classics of the future. Some grape varieties will be familiar to you, some new and exciting. All will delight. Included in this case is:  

Cedre Camille Malbec, Cahors, 2018: This Malbec shows that whilst Argentina has made itself inescapably popular through this lavish grape variety, France, especially Cahors is perfecting the grape variety. A wonderfully dark brooding compote of plum and cassis fruits, it has intense juiciness, a herbal edge, and a lovely earthy finish

Frentano Montepulciano, d`Abruzzo, 2017: The generous soils of Southern Abruzzo and this noble, classic Montepulciano grape produce a red wine with an intense ruby-red colour, purple reflections and a fragrant nose of violets and black cherries. 

Les Saisons de la Vigne Rouge, Gascony, 2017: This easy-drinking Southern French blend will excite you as it does us, this is pure black cherry with a touch of allspice and a faint hint of licorice.

Mr Barbe Merlot, Rhône, 2017: Soft, supple, red and black cherry fruit mix with a touch of milk chocolate and black pepper to make this Southern French Merlot one of the most drinkable wines you could imagine.

Telmo Rodriquez Corriente, Rioja, 2015: A wine that is neither deceitful nor ostentatious, Corriente is a simple and approachable wine that represents a region, its culture and of course its wine. The wine is gentle, with damp earth, mineral tilt, and meaty cherry/raspberry, red fruit aromas and flavours.

Trastullo Primitivo, IGT Puglia, 2017: This wine is deep red in colour, with fresh varietal aromas, such as blackberry and cherry, which develop and become more complex over time. The palate is well balanced between soft tannins and gentle acidity.


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